Monday, 8 September 2014

keep running

 Start from 1st September 2014..I am officially a UM student..

6 hari orentasi (penat woo..)
but everything just wanna to teach me how to survive (maybe)
yeah survive to be a true muslimah..survive to not lost your own identity..
even they provided us baju lengan pendek which we have always to wear for muslimah..just wear long sleeve shirt inside..or cardigan..maybe hot ( but it is not as hot as hell..right..)

here I meet various kind of people..from different background..thus no need judge ..but to understand..right

this is life..survive as you become yourself..keep run forward..
untuk mncapai keredhaan-NYA..kerana ALLAH yang mnentukan stiap kejayaan kita.


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