Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Contengan jalanan~Hlovate

'a man decided to change on 12 hour died on 11th hour'

phrase ni yg pling byak hlovate gunakan... yeah bertemu diri sendiri sebelum ajal sampai.. perjalanan seorg insan mencari tuhan..

ada 2 story with 2 watak utama Fend(Afendi) and K2 .Both of them love music and art..

and both of them try to find the meaning of life..

Fend ke australia..bersama spupu(Irshad/chad) ..

K2 ke jakarta with the same ..

This novel really good cause x de cintan cintun lgsung..

It is abaut bond between ALLAH dan hambanya and sesama MUSLIM..

The truth there is no such novel can  make me cried..but this novel touching my deep heart..hehe..


Sunday, 27 November 2011


played this song with your guitar..
I wake in the dark
With showers of life
Moments of emptiness around
Floating away
No other hope
Reality brings me

Into the ground
What can I do
What can I say
I need a place to hide away
Just for a while, just for a smile
Just for a life I used to know

The perfect song were filled with
Words of love and not with anger
What if they go
What if they leave me far behind
'Cause I don't wanna be alone... (uh oh)
Living life for on my own (uh oh)
I don't want to live my life in isolation
Filled with empty decorations
'Cause I want to be with people that I know

Who would do the things I do (uh oh)
Making all my dreams come true (uh oh)
I don't recognize the shadows at my door
Though I've seen them all before
Because the only thing I really want...
Is to be with you...
I look at the sky it looks back at me
I cant hear the silent melodies
I know that I'm here yet I am lost
blown in confusion by the breeze
Hiding my face crying alone
Ineed to find my way back home
back to the place the wonderful days
living the life I used to know..
Where every smile..
was born out of love and sincerity
and every tear of overflowing joy..
(repeat C/O)
p/s:I really LOVES this song.... and hope you enjoy it too...but the empty decoration in your hearts can be decorated beautifully with AL-QURAN, ZIKIR and many more that been thought in ISLAM...
[M.A.H.M.O.M and you too...]

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Today is my little sister birthday..Happy birthday ...Hope ALLAH bless you my dear...

And the most important....EXAMS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!! (sbenornyer da lame dah habis.. cuma tam sempat lah den nak posting) and thanks ALLAH for the results..
i hope i can give more best results for my parents..