Sunday, 14 April 2013



hehe..sorry to reader -->(ada ke??) sbb da lama x berblog..
harap maaf kesulitan amat dikesali..
as everyone known that i'm taking SPM last year..yet the result had been announced a month~ ago..
and Alhamdulillah thanks ALLAH for givin' me the best result..and this result I would like to award it to my BELOVED friends..
because without them..aku x rasa aku boleh dapat apa yang aku dapat pada waktu ini...i can't stand alone in this world..
thanks ALLAH for giving me strength..and always listen to my prayer..even I always forget you..
thanks mama for giving me strength with your soothing you..
thanks abah for giving me strength with you motivation..
thanks a lot to my teachers..for patiently teach me..(yes i'm lazy student 0_0)
thanks to my siblings for understanding my mental condition during exam...
and lastly..thanks a lot to my friends...for being my me..have joys..tears..laugh to my stupid jokes..and giving me such a wonderful school memory ever..

with love~
ME hehe..

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